• Print
    2014 Airrace Poster Art

    Proposed artwork for the 2014 Air race poster. Four color + silver metallic ink.

  • Movie Poster
    The Ashes Of Brush Flats

    Movie poster designs for the local film The Ashes of Brush Flats shot by Mark Carey, and starring Alphonse Polito.

  • Print
    2014 Airrace Program

    Artwork for the 2014 Reno Air Race Program. Strong yellow was a yellow tinted dull varnish. Cover white type was a emboss.

  • Poster
    It's A Surfer

    Poster art for a Jamie Heinrich comedy series currently being worked on.

  • movie Poster
    Mach 9

    Another Jamie Heinrich full-length feature film. Not your average film, so it deserved a not so average poster. The top was a pre-movie poster when the script had a different direction. And the bottom is a version of the final that is more cast heavy, with stills pulled from the video.

  • Movie poster
    I'm Me

    Poster design for a Jamie Heinrich movie. Worked around some video frame grabs from. The stills were rough so I went with more of an illustratef/stylized approach. The top poster's more of non-typical movie poster illustration. I wanted to try out some different design techniques to portray my take on the script. The bottom two are more typical of a studio movie poster. More on movie here.

  • Self-Initiated Project
    Monster Rider

    Decided to mess around with a motion/dissolve look on a photo I found. Used a minimal color palette highlighting the Monster brand since they are a brand I'd love to do work for... Wink Wink...

  • Album Art
    Epick - Kill or be Killed

    Album cover art for Epick's single Kill or be Killed featuring Soul Khan. Ended up only being a digital release. I used animals to display the type of nature that deals with the economic styled lyrics. Give it a listen or buy the single here.

  • Logos / ID

    All but the Black Labs logo were for casino properties. The Black Labs was for a internal sandbox/development project that had a lots of black lab dogs on site.

  • MOVIE PosteR
    Eddie the Vampire

    A Jamie Heinrich short film project. Film never got funded, but would have been a cool project with a lot of awesome people on board.

  • SNowboard Graphics
    Smokin Snowboards

    Snowboard designs for Smokin snowboards. A local Lake Tahoe outfit. Never produced.

  • Print
    2013 National Championship Air Races Program

    Pushed the client for a little extra something for the 50th anniversary. Scored some nice printing options for the cover and gold metallic to be used throughout the piece. These are just some of the spreads of the book which totaled 180 pages.

  • Album art
    Epick - Million Little Lines

    Art for Epick's Million Little Lines LP. I really enjoyed the album. You can listen to it or pick it up here.

    Mouth Weapon

    A short film for Volcom documenting a couple female pro snowboarders escapades on the slopes. Graphic was used for a video intro and promo material.

    Volcom Movie
    2 Be Continued

    Handled all design and production on this project. Including flash and static banners, site takeovers, apparel, posters, DVD art, DVD menu animation, magazine ads, iphone cases, and even beer glass art. Awesome project. Some more info on it here with other tent and promo examples.

  • Self-Initiated Project
    Zoo Animals

    Working on some black and white illustrated pieces of zoo animals. Just an exercise in painting inside photoshop creating and testing brushes.

  • Poster
    Nancy Scanner Short
    for Volcom

    A pitched series for Volcom's StoneYourTV channel. You can watch short here. One part A-Team, one part Bond, all fun.

  • MOViE Poster
    Happily Never After

    A Jamie Heinrich movie. Multiple posters created from some film and video still captures. Happily Never After. More about the film here.

  • Outdoor

    Given a photo and told to highlight Terje HÃ¥konsen. Really short notice so just went with first instincts of highlight name with type. Took the photo given and extended the snow wake and created the 3D type for it.

  • Print
    Tahoe Sup Paddleboards

    No real good existing photography. So tried on a new illustration style. Wanted a fresh look to drive the headline.

    2009 National Championship Air Races

    Page layouts designed for the 2009 program. Some illustration and the rest just layout and color correction making smart phone quality photos work.

    Zappos Pitch

    Working on a health insurance pitch for Anthem to try and get Zappos business. Last minute deal but decided any pitch is better off with a reminder. So created a quick digital painting that I thought Zappos would appreciate and had it printed on canvas for the meet. Not sure how the deal went down but I saw a interview in their offices later with the piece on their conference room wall.

  • Illustration
    Good[     ]

    A couple Good[     ] illustrations for The Glenn Group based on brand values. One highlights the old vegas casino style gaming and the other is their like of green architecture and lifestyle.

  • MOVIE Poster
    I Like You

    Posters for the Jamie Heinrich full-length feature film I Like You. Had some not so great video captures to go off of. Teenage angst and coming of age stuff. Here's the trailer.


    More of art to go along with a script that was being pitched. Not really sure what happened with it, but I would have liked to seen it get produced.

  • Poster

    A Jamie Heinrich short film based on Stephen King's short story of the same name. Runtime 14:08. Can be viewed here.

  • Poster

    Working titles kept changing between Sea and See Red. Viking ghosts and murder on a isolated island. Fun stuff. Poster was used in a press kit I believe. Not real sure what happened to it. Last I heard it was suppose to have been produced in 2013.

  • Poster

    Concert series in a park. This particular one was titled "Extradition." Tried a new style out. Thought the graphic makes pretty good sense for it.

  • Micro site
    Olympic pitch

    Custom flash site landing page for a olympic pitch project. Designed the globe and animated some snow falling and a active ski lift.

  • Logos / ID

    Logos and marks for some restaurants, production companies, mob museums, clubs, breweries, and others.

    National Championship Air Races Program Cover

    A couple possible options of design style for a National Air Race program cover.

  • MOTION graphics
    feather falls casino - Fight Night

    Last minute project for Feather Falls Casino mixed martial arts event. Had to come up with the idea and illustrate it all in a like 24/48 hours. Actually was still working on the art at the edit.

    Feather Falls Casino -
    car and gas giveaway

    Designed the slates and graphics for the spot. 3D camera pans over each individually animated section.

  • MOTION graphics
    feather falls casino - Fight Night 2

    A update to the original Feather Falls Casino TV spot. They really liked the first one and wanted an updated look that also featured the fact there would be Playboy playmates.

    Hanna Montana Toy Commercial

    Created some background drops for the toy to be in. Here is a poor quality video of the TV spot.

    National Championship
    Air Races AD

    A oldie, but still a goodie. A illustration style I was messing with. Always liked the heroic propagandhist quality of it.

  • Poster

    Promotional art for a Volcom tv series. Created the type for the series with the idea I could change out colors and composition of people for different episodes.

  • Logos / ID

    Some more casino logos, government planning, skin care, and a paintball team.

  • Poster
    Happily Ever After

    Poster created from video stills for the Jamie Heinrich short film Happily Ever After. One big happy family.

    sketch book

    Pretty much just like the title says. Just some sketchs from my sketchbook. Mechanical pencil.

  • Poster
    Friendship Vault

    Poster for the Jamie Heinrich short film Friendship Vault. Cool little short about cloning and friendship.

  • WEb GRaphic

    Background art for jamieheinrich.tv. Custom lettering with a bit of a space flair, ... you know when space flair was hot.

  • Poster
    VHS Reporter

    A Jamie Heinrich short. Designed a poster that looks like a vhs tape. Seemed the perfect fit. The short was about difficult decisions and aliens.


    Burton wanted their logo in the shape of a blackhole for one of their snowboard video intros. So it was more static than motion really. I assume it was just used with a pan.

    Reno-Tahoe Visitor

    Some spreads from the Visitor. More of a tourism annual piece with a lot of listed info. Difficulty was in making a lot of boring info look interesting. Where Traveler now owns the operation.